Wedding photo style : a personal choice

Choosing your wedding photographer does not stop at taking the closest or the cheapest! No, it’s important to know well before the wedding the style of photography you expect.

Photography is an art, there are a lot of different wedding photo style, and each wedding photographer has his style and sensitivity.

It’s the same for you, so when you have to make your choice, it’s important not only to have a good feeling with your photographer, but also to choose one according to your sensitivity and expectations regarding your wedding photos.

Wedding photo styles

Although there are as many styles as photographers, some styles come back or emerge regularly.

Beyond the photojournalism aspect which is, according to us, mandatory, you will find the bohemian chic wedding style for example, allying the rather soft and warm colors.

Now very popular as wedding photo style, the moody style, with its very warm colors and the special care given to the light but especially the shadows, focusing on the subject. You will find, for example, the engagement session in Barcelona on our website.

Of course, in wedding photography, there are tons of other styles, some are derived from another, or the result of a mix between one and the other, it is impossible to detail them all here. We have here put forward simply those we affect the most for our bride and groom.

Also, keep in mind that your wedding photo style must stick with your main theme, if you are having a wedding in a castle in winter, it will be difficult to perform a couple session in a bohemian style, of course!

Our wedding photo style

As wedding photographers, you can imagine, and as we mentioned earlier in this page, we have our own style and sensitivity.

It’s very difficult for us to limit ourselves to a style, we consider indeed that each wedding is unique, so the photos which result from it must be in adequacy with your main theme!

But if we really had to answer, we would be tempted to get closer to the moody style.

Photographe moody - The Cutie & The Geek

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